Well, there will be plenty of things to tell, but let’s get started with this:

if we look at the way many domestic animals are being treated in here – I’m just left with the question why. Why all these pebbles targeting at dogs? Why? The treatment of cats is, on the contrary, almost the same as I’m used to in my place. However, I’ll come back to the dogs:

they are roaming around town being in miserable condition – an extrapolation of the common poverty!!! – a well known fairy tale “The Crocodile and the Dog” evokes a totally different notion of the supposed relation between man and dog. Here the dog has saved man from the crocodile’s appetite; his loyalty is undeniable, unforgettable, incontestable. Man’s gratitude should have remained forever… insomuch as mythology is concerned. But back to real life – why has dog become a dirty or nasty piece of meat running around the shabby street’s of Tamatave – and most possibly also in other towns of Madagascar ???

The consummation of animal meat which is, seemingly, a fact of human life throughout time and space – has kept its traditional outlook. Man kill chicken, pigs or “cats” (some people eat them as well) by their own hands. Women are not allowed to shed blood… I won’t complain here, nor do I contest this mind-wise or anyhow else! – I’m just trying to share my observations…

Cats have the status as the only animal being accepted at home – which means that they are living together with humans – the rest stays apart, has to stay apart. To come back to the order of things. Cats are local talismans… some people are really fond of them. Especially three-colored cats hold a very high standing.

           There will be many things to add, but I just want to ask you for your observations on the actual standing of animals, their relationship with man ‘corse that will also be our relationship with them – a humanity without them is, well, unimaginable.  Well, any comments???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Second comment

June 27, 2008

Well, I do not know what u are thinking of all of that but I wasn’t really familiar with blogger habits yet, nor their attitudes. Reporter of every day’s life… of my own and of that of others… em, fair enough. So, I have been here (in Madagascar) for 9 months already and count to spending even more time in here. What’s the purpose of my stay? – an endless number of questions could be raised, I’m raising myself – I’m here in one of the poorest countries of the world; out there are heaps of guys starving to death – and me, insomuch I grew up as a German, I’m using one of the most expensive Internet connections in town – Tamatave – funded by some kind of International Project. A Canadian Project as I was told – MADaboutwriting – no, that was another one. Bollocks… to…

So, I’m student at the local University, have a hell lot of “friends” in here, an all too young girlfriend, an annoying host family that I cannot get rid off… What do you want from me – I was supposed to have class in the afternoon. Then, all of a sudden, I got a phone call from Mister Lewis – and was told to help out in this blogger affair. I’ve got terrible headache right now, and exam on Tuesday – another girlfriend of mine wants to go out for dinner with me. She is nice – fried king prawns and… well, about the side dish I’m not sure yet. A lot of Kanrana kids are sitting next to me, screaming in agony and joy about their sniper activities and Catharsis… freedom dance! I want to go off stage, I’m loosing my head. 39 minutes left on my account… I’m going nuts, dans mon fort interieur… Nijinsky, Henry Miller, Herbert Schmidt and Oswald Spengler, Karana kids en masse, des coeurs moux et des cerveaux emoussés…

Allez tous crever!!! Je ne suis pas un petit sniper… qu’est-ce que tu… il va me tuer; je vais me venger pour tout ce que tu m’a fait… vos geules parbleu… “okara sei lesy§”

Well, this is just in order to get started… and I could not even dear to foresee what to scribble, actually. For the moment, I still feel the guy in my back who is promoting the blogging thingy… in Mada, as possibly everyywhere else on this world§ I hope our association can draw some fish out of that… (no let’s keep it all too altruistic) : an hello to the world(and wordpress)